About Us

BBP (Boots By Pamela) is a new company that was created for all those girls out there like me who could never find Boots to fit their Calves!

I would go to store after store and try on dozens of boots. I would leave feeling frustrated and near tears. I continued to try and try and never had any luck.  I could never understand why shoe companies did not see or fill this missing piece in the market.  It then came to me in a store surrounded by numerous pairs of boots that I would be the one to fill this niche in the market… and BBP was born!

I built my career in the Fashion Industry from Textiles to Merchandising to Buying and Designing.  This background has helped me develop and design a high quality Boot!

I hope you enjoy your BBP’s and look forward to providing you with many Fashion Boots.  Finally…boots that Fit!

Pamela Ammeter